Ron Harrison, bridge2success director

Our pricing & payment

Our pricing is straightforward:​

  • $50 per hour for 1-4 hours
  • $45 per hour for 5 or more hours. 
  • Payment must be made for at least 5 hours in advance to receive the $45 per hour rate. 

We accept payment several ways:

  • Check or money order (paid to bridge2success)
  • Paypal (check, credit card, debit card)
  • At our Payment Centeron our Services page. Click here

Our director

About us

Our tutors

bridge2success * PO Box 2307, Glen Burnie, MD 21060 * (410) 599-4129 (phone & text) *

Our procedures

Preparing you and your child for success

Our mission

Ron Harrison has had over 25 years' teaching,

tutoring, and school-administration experience.

His teaching experience ranges from high school math to elementary reading and foreign languages and adult & career education. His extensive involvement in private, public, and homeschooling education allows him to meet the diverse needs of today's students. Taking two schools through successful re-accreditation and undergoing complete curriculum revisions and teacher development, he is accustomed to giving parents a "right-arm support" in their children's education. He personally hires and screens each tutor with whom your child works.

Our tutors are hired because they are competent in many disciplines. This means our teachers are able to work with your child holistically in the targeted subject areas: for example, assisting with math problem-solving by reinforcing strong reading comprehension skills. In addition, our tutors receive ongoing additional training for your and your child's development. Every tutor

  • Has a current background check.
  • Has demonstrated teaching skills.
  • Is currently in the education field. 
  • Has an earned degree in teaching or his/her field of expertise.  

bridge2success provides help in a wide range of  educational services to children and adults to prepare them for higher education or a career. 

We are "preparing you and your child for success."

"bridge2successprepares your children to meet the needs of the 21st century!"

bridge2successis unique among tutoring companies: our director is a long-time educator, more than 25 years. This gives us insight into your child's individual needs!

Get to Know Us!

Below are some frequently asked questions about our tutoring. If you have any further questions, please ask.

We try to make it a short process for you to obtain the assistance you need for our tutoring services.

Following is what you need to do to get our help:

  1. Contact us (phone, text, email). Click here for contact info. 
  2. We talk with you about your expectations of bridge2success. Click here for our registration form and here for our policy & procedures.
  3. Send the completed form to us by email or fax or at a face-to-face meeting. 
  4. ​We put together a schedule that works around your family. 

What do our sessions look like?

Our sessions last about an hour (up to an hour and a half for SAT or other standardized test preparation). The first 5 minutes orients the student to the session, and the last 5 minutes is for providing assignments, if necessary.

Where do tutoring sessions take place?

We meet in your home, but we are flexible: we meet in nearby libraries, Panera or Starbucks, or other convenient locations.

Are all sessions in person?

While most of our sessions are in person, our flexibility allows us to meet by Skype or FaceTime as well (even if while away on vacation or simply for your convenience).

How many sessions are required?

Our sessions depend on your needs. Often parents want ongoing practice during the school year or during the summer for the upcoming school year. We recommend about 20 hours + for SAT, PSAT, ACT, and high school entrance exam preparation. Or you may need just a couple of hours for test preparation.

Where does bridge2success tutor?

Currently, we tutor within a 30-mile radius from Glen Burnie, MD, but as we hire additional educators, our radius will expand considerably. Skype and FaceTime tutoring extends from the West Coast to the East Coast and everywhere between.

Any further questions? Please click on Contact Us for more information.