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Our tutors are competent in many disciplines. This means our teachers are able to work with your child holistically in the targeted subject areas: for example, assisting with math problem-solving by reinforcing strong reading comprehension skills. In addition, our tutors receive ongoing additional training for your and your child's development. 

Our director, Ron Harrison, has had over 20 years' teaching, tutoring, and school-administration experience. His teaching experience ranges from high school math to elementary reading and foreign languages and adult & career education. His extensive involvement in private, public, and homeschooling education allows him to meet the diverse needs of today's students. Taking two schools through successful re-accreditation and undergoing complete curriculum revisions and teacher development, he is accustomed to giving parents a "right-arm support" in their children's education.

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bridge2successis prepared to help your children meet the needs of the 21st century!" -Ron

bridge2success provides comprehensive, cooperative educational services to children and adults to prepare them for higher education or a career. 

We are "your connection to academic preparation."