Welcome to the bridge2success store! There are two main sections to the store: (1) various documents (see left) needed for tutoring, training, and important information about bridge2success and (2) links to make important transactions such as tutoring fee payment (see below).

Our main avenue for payment is PayPal, which has proven to be quite reliable, secure, and customer-friendly. Transactions processed through PayPal will be completed under "BRIDGE2SUCCor "BRIDGE2SUCCESS." All credit cards, checks, and debit cards are welcome! You also may send a check or money order to the address at the bottom of the page, or you can place a credit card transaction directly with bridge2success.

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Welcome to the bridge2successstore!

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  • Important documents pertaining to bridge2success (brochures, tutoring registration, etc.)
  • Items for purchase payment for tutoring fees.

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